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Qualified legal assistance provided on a professional basis to individuals and legal entities in order to protect their rights, freedoms and interests.
We work throughout the Russian Federation and abroad, ensuring the confidentiality of any information related to the provision of legal assistance.

Sakovich Alexander Sergeevich Chairman of the Board of MBA "MAGNETAR", Lawyer, Senior Partner

General management of the Bar Association, providing interaction between departments of the “MAGNETAR” Group of Companies
Bankruptcy Department
Criminal Law Department
Criminal lawyers of Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR” will provide qualified legal assistance to persons suspected or accused of committing various crimes under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
Ledeneva Nina Mikhailovna Head of Criminal Law Practice, Lawyer
Tax Department
Lawyers of the Tax Department of Moscow Bar Association “MAGNETAR” have considerable practical experience of interacting with tax authorities to represent the interests of taxpayers and protect their violated rights based on the results of tax audits.
Roslyakova Lyubov` Vladimirovna Tax advisor, auditor
Civil Law Department
Civil disputes related to the resolution of conflicts emerging from a wide range of civil, labor, public, family, housing and other branches of law.
The Civil Law Department lawyers have a rich practical experience in civil cases, develop individual effective solutions for each specific case.
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"There is no such thing as a good tax"
Winston Churchill
Gavrilov Aleksej L`vovichFirst Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bar Association "MAGNETAR", senior partner.
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