Challenging a decision of a tax authority on on-site tax audit in court

Client's area:
Wholesale food commerce
Review term:
11 months
Preparation of complaint to the court of primary jurisdiction. Legal representation in court.
The tax authority conducted an on-site tax inspection for 2016.
According to the results of the audit, additional VAT, income tax, interest and penalties in the amount of 148.7 million rubles was additionally charged. The company purchased food products through intermediaries in accordance with agent contract. The agent has characteristics of suspicious organization that helps the tax authority to recognize the transaction as fictitious and the delivery of products non-existent.


Following the judicial consideration of the claims, the court of primary jurisdiction made a decision in favor of the client, the additionally charged VAT in the amount of 144.9 million rubles was disputed

Savina Olga Nikolaevna
Senior Tax Consultant