First conference held by the «Moscow City Bar Associations Council»

On December 11, 2019, the regional public organization «Moscow City Bar Associations Council» held its first conference, bringing together about 100 leaders of the Bar Associations and law firms in Moscow.

The organization was established on June 15, 2019, at the initiative of the Chairmen of the Bar Associations Sergey A. Krivosheev, Alexander A. Obozov, Oleg I. Alekseev, Konstantin Z. Trapaidze and Alexander S. Sakovich (the Chairman of the Board MBA MAGNETAR) to discuss topical issues and solve problems arising from interaction of law offices with the Moscow Chamber of Attorneys.

There exists an opinion that MBAC is focused on strategic activities and takes into account the interests of the law elite, while the lawyer’s routine «field» work involves a number of contradictions and procedural difficulties.
Therefore, the lawyers found a possibility of «self-organization» and topics discussed at the meeting included the MBAC work of the distribution of criminal cases among lawyers by appointment, the need to reduce the taxation rate of lawyer activities income, creation of a single information platform for collaboration and exchange of views on improving the work of lawyers.

The issues of protecting the rights of the lawyers in attempts of illegal prosecution by law enforcement agencies in connection with carrying out their professional activities by lawyers were also highlighted.

The attendees took an active part in the discussions and showed enthusiasm in further development of Bar Associations Council activities.
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