Participation in a lawsuit on the side of a security company in terms of debt collection under a contract for the provision of security services for the property complex

Client's area:
Commercial organization
Review term:
4 months
Debt collection under the service agreement in the disputed period.
In the system of evidence, there were no acts on the provision of services signed by the parties, which is a necessary condition for proving the fact of rendering services. The Client of the security company, who is the owner of the property complex, knowing this, deliberately stopped signing and returning acts on the provision of services.
It was necessary to create a different system of evidence that, in aggregate, overcame the threshold of the lack of necessary evidence when considering a dispute regarding the recovery of debt under a service agreement.


According to the results of consideration of this case, the decision was made in favor of the Client of Moscow Bar Association.

Biryukov Alexey Sergeevich
Head of the Civil Law Department