Decrease in the amount of joint recovery in bankruptcy proceedings

Client's area:
Rights of individuals
Review term:
6 months
To reduce the amount of a joint penalty in a bankruptcy case.
By the decision of the district court of the city of Moscow, monetary funds were collected jointly from a Company and individuals according to the application of the bankruptcy trustee under the loan agreement. The Client, who did not participate in the consideration of the case due to improper notification, came to Moscow Bar Association with a request to assist in appealing this decision.

Our specialists analyzed the submitted materials, developed a position on the case, prepared and filed an appeal with the Moscow City Court.


According to the results of the consideration of the appeal, the decision of the district court was canceled in the part of the joint collection of debts on credit agreements from the Defendants. According to the collection amounts, a new decision was issued, according to which, the amount of the joint collection was reduced four times.

Biryukov Alexey Sergeevich
Head of the Civil Law Department